We've got you covered.

We supply workwear to all industries from the automotive and healthcare industries to the construction, minerals and food industries. It doesn’t matter what sector you’re in, we’ll kit you out in the workwear you need – and ensure it remains in great working order.

Workwear Products Supplied by Apparelmaster

Standards assessed and certified by AsureQuality

What do you need?

Automotive Workwear

Come to us for the range of workwear used in the automotive industry. We stock overalls, caps, footwear, flame resistant garments, jackets, vests, lab coats you name it.

Healthcare Workwear

Our healthcare range covers men’s and women’s scrubs, lab coats, face masks, lightweight footwear, gloves and glasses – and much more.

Industrial Workwear

We supply a range of workwear suited to heavy industrial work from durable shirts and trousers to overalls, hoodies and safety footwear.

Food Industry Workwear

Our catalogue for the food industry features a wide range of top‑range aprons, head wear, overalls and footwear.

Protective Workwear

Our range includes helmets, ear muffs, eye goggles, durable safety sunglasses and other eye protection, safety footwear, shirts and trousers for working near dangers such as electricity or heat.

Hi-Visibility Workwear

We supply a wide range of high‑visibility workwear including high‑visibility shirts, jackets, coats and vests.


We source all our workwear from Australasian industry leader Apparelmaster. We trust their products, standards of care and we’re proud to be associated with their brand. We think you’ll feel the same.

Customer-Owned Workwear

Sometimes our clients already have workwear on hand and simply want us to manage the cleaning, repair and storage of their garments. That’s fine – you can rely on us to tailor our service to your needs, while maintaining a high level of quality and care.


Reason number 1

Measure and Supply

We measure you up and supply workwear tailored to you, your workers and your business.

Reason number 2

Pick up and clean

We pick up and clean workwear regularly like clockwork. Our tracking system guarantees you never go without clean workwear. Expect to receive it in pristine condition, ironed and folded and ready to wear.

Reason number 3

Repair, alter or replace

We’re alerted when it’s time to repair, alter or replace workwear. You’ll always look good. Your workwear will always be work-ready, never unsafe.

Reason number 4

Store and Forget

We install lockers at your workplace. It gives you easy, hassle-free storage. It gives us an efficient pick up and drop off point.


At Burrell’s, we have a certified clean processing room on site to sterilise workwear that needs special treatment to meet industry requirements. Not only are the specialist products we use in the clean room industry-approved, the way we process workwear within the clean room is too. We make sure our clean room is regularly audited to keep it in tip-top condition.