Get it Back Good as New.

It’s important your people look smart for work. It’s just as vital their workwear is safe and in good condition all day, every day. That’s why we offer an extensive repair and alterations service that starts the moment you sign up.

Day one alterations

We alter all workwear under our management on day one. We measure up and tailor each item to make sure it fits the wearer as it should. We can add company branding or any other important design element you need – using our popular embroidery service or labels that you supply.

Ongoing repairs, servicing and replacement

Our clever monitoring and tracking system means we know exactly when repairs are needed on each item, as well as when they are past their best and need replacing. Of course, you’re welcome to tell our company drivers when a zip is broken or a pocket needs reattaching. Feel free to pick up the phone any time and give us a ring.