Crisp and Clean.

We supply linen to a wide range of businesses from hotels, bars and restaurants through to human health and vet clinics. It doesn’t matter if it’s hard-wearing, industrial hand towels you’re after or linen that’s plush and high-end. We supply the range.

Linen products Supplied by linenmaster

Standards assessed and certified by AsureQuality

What do you need?

Bathroom Linen

We provide a range of high-quality hand, face and bath towels suited to hotel or private hospital bathrooms.


We offer a range of commercial-grade, durable towels suited to a range of workplaces. In the range are tea towels, cabinet roller towels and hand towels, as well as full length towels for employees who need to shower at work.

Hospitality Linen

In this range, you’ll find a wide range of linen used in the hospitality industry from tea towels and hand towels to high-quality table cloths and napkins.

Bedroom Linen

We offer a range of bedroom linen used in the hospitality and hotel industries, including pillow slips, sheets and high-quality duvet covers.


We source all our linen from Australasian industry leader Linenmaster. We trust their products, standards of care and we’re proud to be associated with their brand. We think you’ll feel the same.

Customer-owned Linen

Sometimes our clients have company linen on hand and simply want us to manage the cleaning, stock monitoring and replacement side of things. That’s fine – you can rely on us to tailor our service to your needs, while keeping our standards high.

Linen Management Made Easy.

Reason number 1

Assess and Supply

We come to you to work out the range of supplies you need installed.

Reason number 2

Pick up and clean

We pick up and clean linen as regularly as you need. Our tracking and monitoring system guarantees you’ll always be well stocked.

Reason number 3

Store and Forget

We supply industrial laundry bags for any soiled linen to give you easy, hassle-free storage. It makes for efficient pick up and drop off at our end.


At Burrell’s, we have a certified clean processing room on site to sterilise workwear that needs special treatment to meet industry requirements. Not only are the specialist products we use in the clean room industry-approved, the way we process workwear within the clean room is too. We make sure our clean room is regularly audited to keep it in tip-top condition.